Social Network users have more friends online than in real life…
June 15, 2011, 2:35 am
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.. is a statement I can agree with. Most people get friend requests from complete strangers and accept them, and it therefore leads to the person having 1,000 friends on facebook when in reality they have about 40. The fact that people want to and are expecting to meet people online kind of makes me sad as it makes me realize how obsessed people are with social network sites. I am not condoning them nor am I saying they’re ‘evil’, I just think that people should spend less time looking for someone on the internet and more time outside in the real world experiencing things and meeting people that way.Childnet chief executive Will Gardner said: “Children under the age of 15 have never known a world without the internet. It’s revolutionised how they learn, play and communicate with each other.” is a scary quote from the article. Kids should be outside, playing, not going in chatrooms. I think that, when I have children, I won’t introduce them to social network site or internet games until an older age so that they can go outside and see things beside websites.


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