April 29, 2011, 6:34 pm
Filed under: Media Arts - Culture Jam

This advertisement represents Calvin Klein. There is no product being advertised, however they are using Klein’s perfume line “Obsession” to portay womans pressure for being skinny. The media shows all these too skinny women, and girls begin to think that they HAVE to be that skinny. The skinny image is shoved down their throats, so girls throw their meals up to meet these expectations.  It eventually becomes part of their dailty routine, an “obsession”, hence the ad. This ad targets the media, showing them what their skinny image does.  This photo uses black and white to show the darkness of this habit, also to match the calvin klein advertisements.

This advertisements represents nike. The product being advertised is nikes shoes made by the poor in third world countries.  These people work countless hours a day to make 80 cents and experience cruelty in the factory. What is ironic about this advertisement, is that the girl working in a nike SHOE factory, has no shoes, and therefore has swollen feet because of it. It also uses text to inform people about nike factories. The photo is black and white so that the red writing stands out. The target advertisement is to everyone, so that they know just where their shoes came from. This ad jam could be improved if they had made the important parts such as “friends dissapear when they ask for a raise” red instead.

This advertisement subverts fast food restuarants. The product being advertised, though the actual product is not shown, is food. This advertisement uses a child in a third world country and their swollen belly from lack of food, compared to a grown man whos stomache is overly filled with food. The advertisement explains that though the stomaches look similiar, there is an extremely crucial difference between the two. It targets everybody, showing the rather disgusting reality. I don’t think this adjam could be better.


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