MSNBC Photos
March 3, 2011, 5:37 pm
Filed under: Com tech - Photography

Contrast: The contrast in this photo is rather intense; You have the bright, orange fire ablaze amoungst the hectic streets, as thick, dark black smoke rises from it. The dark smoke rises into the bright grey sky. There is alot of light against dark, creating intense contrast.

Movement: The smoke and fire create movement in the picture as they appear to be going up to the side. Majority of the photo seems to be going to the right; The men on the motorcycle are driving into the photo instead of out of it.

Balance: This photo has a subtle balance to it. The weight is balanced by the fathers hands, who is comforting his son injured by a bomb. The watch is a littel distracting and sets it off balance slighly but overall the photo has good balance.

Simplicity: If you were to just look at this photo, it’s fairly simple because there is not alot of things going on in the background. It simply focuses on the boy and his father, and nothing else.

Framing: Immediately when you see this photo you see the old couple, however the background is busy and noticeable. The couple stands in the foreground; they are clear and focused. Then it leads to the background, slightly blurry, with all the red and roses I would assume they are at a Valentines Day banquet.

Viewpoint: This photo is set to the right side. Instead of being in the center, they are leaning to the right, yet still able to be the “center of attention”.

Direction of Movement: This photo has alot of movement to it. The only thing is you can’t really determine which way it is going; The lights (candles) in the middlf of the isles seem to be moving all over the place. The photo sort-of dips inward, but the light is going all different directions.

Balance: Except for the hectic movement of lights all around the church, the structure of the building and the people are symmetrical. This makes the photo symmetrical.

Movement: The smoke coming from the photo blows up and to the right. The sky is blurry and looks as if the camera man was spinning in circles while taking the photo.  The streaks from the blur in the sky all sweep and go downwards to the right.

The Point of Interest in this photo is the bright volcanic fire against the navy sky. When seeing the photo your eyes immediately notice the vibrant exploding orange at the left of the photo.

Contrast: The contrast in this photo is extremely noticeable. The light, clear, REFLECTIVE water is strong against the dark greens and browns of the trees. Not only that, but the water holds the reflection of the trees; Dark against Light. Due to high contrast the water comes out very bright.

Viewpoint: This photo is shot from an interesting angle. Bird’s eye view, yet somehow still flat. The entire photo also seems to be on a slant to the right.


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