The Rolling Stones Magazine Cover
February 18, 2011, 5:38 pm
Filed under: Com Tech - Photoshop

The Rolling Stones Magazine Cover Photostop Steps:

  1. File – New – Preset U.S Paper
  2. Google – Rolling stone magazine cover -Copy
  3. Paste- Use Rectangle Marquee and Polyganol lasso tool to cut out everything but “Rolling Stone”
  4. Text – Use Font “Plantagenet Chereokee” to write “Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Alanis Morisette” – changed color to orange, bolded
  5. Google – Black star – Copy
  6. Paste – Free transform to smaller size to go in between Hendrix and Zeppelin, Zeppelin and Morisette
  7. Text tool – Change color to black, make font size smaller – wrote “August 1970, Issue 107 NO.1”
  8. Google – The Beatles – Copy
  9. Paste – Free transform to fit screen- OK
  10. Use Polyganol lasso tool to cut out the beatles – Feather 2px
  11. Google – The Beatles Logo – Copy
  12. Paste – Image adjustments – Invert color from black to white
  13. Text tool – Changed color to white – wrote “How the”, used mouse to move to fit ontop of “The beatles” logo
  14. Text tool- wrote “Are changing the”
  15. Text tool – wrote “WORLD” – made significantly bigger – Italisized
  16. Text tool – changed font to Vivaldi – wrote “Plus”
  17. Google – White – Copy and paste – free transform – Layer VIA cut ( Did this to create the line under plus)
  18. Text tool- Changed font to “Plantagenet Chereokee” – wrote “ACDC MELTDOWN”, “The inside story” (italisized)- Changed color to orange
  19. Text tool – wrote “JIM MORRISION”, “The rolling stones interview” (italisized)
  20. Google – White Star- Copy and paste
  21. Free transform – Used Polyganol tool to cut out black border – free transform to smaller size
  22. Select star- layer via copy x5
  23. Google – Barcode – Copy and paste
  24. Rectangle Marquee (To cut out extra white space)
  25. Free transform – move to bottom left corner – OK

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