Social Media Revolution
February 7, 2011, 5:06 pm
Filed under: Blog Post
  • I learned that the internet is having a huge effect on the world, in business and personally
  • When facebook began four years ago I expected it to have a fall out like Myspace but it grew to become one of the most popular websites in the world, causing more traffic than google in the U.S and reaching 200 million users in a year.
  • I did not know that pornography was the number one activity on the web before social media took the reigns
  • I am upset that Mark Zuckerberg won person of the year just for creating facebook. Was there really no one more deserving?
  • The fact that more and more people are using facebook and other social sites to speak to people worries me. 1 in 5 relationships began through the internet whether it be facebook, a dating site, etc. Is it going to come to the point where it’s very rare to meet your spouse face to face? And for new generations, will social networking sites just make it harder for them to talk to people without a computer screen infront of them?
  • There are pro’s and con’s of social media. It has positively affected business’s, but it has also affected the way we communicate. Good or bad?

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